How to choose a frame for myopia glasses for children?

Update:2020-11-23 00:00
Children's body is in the developmental stage, so you must pay attention to the weight when choosing the glasses frame, because the weight of the glasses directly affects the bridge of the nose. If it is too heavy, it will easily cause soreness in the bridge of the nose. In severe cases, it may also lead to degeneration of the nasal bone;
Therefore, when choosing eyeglass frames for children, it is generally recommended that the weight be less than 18 grams.

Regarding the nose pads of children's spectacle frames, because the heads of children are very different from adults, especially the height of the nose bridge, most children have a lower nose bridge;
Therefore, it is best to choose a one-piece nose support frame for children's glasses, or an eyeglass frame with adjustable nose support.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the selected children's frame should have enough field of view, because children have a wide range of activities, so try not to choose frame that will produce shadows and have blind spots in the field of view;
If the frame is too small, the field of view will become smaller; if the frame is too large, the weight will increase and the frame will slide down continuously, so children’s frames should be of a moderate size.

The overall material of the frame is recommended to be made of silicone. Most children in life are very active, and they usually take off and put the glasses on and put them in a more casual way.
If you wear a metal frame, it is easy to deform and break, and at the same time, because the metal frame itself is heavy, it will cause undue pressure on the bridge of the child's nose and ears.
The sheet-plastic frame is not abrasion-resistant, has poor ductility, is easier to break, and is not suitable for children.
Therefore, the most suitable material is recommended to be based on silicone material, which is skin-friendly, not suitable for allergies, not easy to deform, more comfortable to wear, environmentally friendly and safe.