Eye protection is important for children

Update:2022-01-21 17:18
Most parents are careful to apply sunscreen to their children. One of the often overlooked sun risks, damage to young eyes. Children and teens are especially vulnerable to sun damage because their lenses are immature and cannot filter UV light as effectively as adults, which can cause damage to the retina, and it is advisable to wear children's sunglasses to your own children.

For kids, the risk is highest on sunny summer days at the beach, surfing and sailing because sand and water reflect UV rays. In extreme cases, exposure can cause a sunburn in the eye known as photokeratitis, which can cause temporary vision loss.

One concern among teens is the use of sunbeds, as many remove the goggles provided to avoid "raccoon eyes" and eventually sunburn. Teens' eyes, like their skin, may be more sensitive to light if they're taking certain medications, such as antibiotics for acne.