How are the frames made?

Update:2022-01-07 16:20
Our frames are very loud when they are made. Outside of our workshop, you will often hear the deafening hum of our internal CNC machine tools. The earmuffs are absolutely correct, the front of the frame is precisely cut from thick acetate strips.

The attributes required to cut the lens grooves in the frame. This involves using a custom-made workbench and cutting tool to cut a small channel on the inner periphery of the lens hole. Without this groove, the frame cannot be fitted with lenses.

consistency. This delicate process requires a hand-held drill to form four small grooves in the front of the acetate frame. Four holes are used for our small solid steel rivets. If the groove is too deep, the frame will be damaged. Too shallow, the rivets will stick out and hang on your cardigan.