How to buy glasses?

Update:2022-09-30 00:00
Glasses are a necessity for many people, but as we all know, their cost is high. For many people, glasses are one of the highest expenses that must be paid every year, especially when you change frames and lenses every year. However, what many people don't realize is that a large part of the annual cost of glasses comes from buying brand new frames every time, which usually accounts for the largest part of the cost.
One of the main reasons why glasses are so expensive is the cost of manufacturing. Incorporating new technologies into glasses manufacturing to provide better results is an additional cost for consumers. Expensive glasses must be durable.
The best way to reduce costs is to buy good quality frames, and then replace the lenses every year, keeping the same frames for several years. Lenses are not as expensive as buying a complete pair of glasses, so doing so is more affordable.