How to choose children's eyes?

Update:2021-12-24 16:57
Children’s vision is constantly developing, so whether they have special needs or need minor corrections, the risk is very high when they get the right prescription and children’s glasses for your child. When a child puts on his glasses, his world will completely change. The brain and eyes must work together to force the eye muscles to align correctly to achieve focus and depth perception.

If your child is uncomfortable with the new glasses, they may not wear glasses at school. This is one of the times when they need glasses the most. Knowing how glasses should be worn on your child is a necessary condition to ensure your child's comfort.

Children need something more comfortable that will not let their faces sag. Children’s glasses should fit their eye sockets, but not extend to the cheeks. When buying children's glasses, remember to pay special attention to the thickness and material of the lenses, except for the width of the frame. Children are very active and need strong lenses that will not break when dropped. The frame should also be strong and able to withstand any damage. Make sure they fit the ears and nose to avoid falling off.