How to choose your sunglasses manufacturer

Update:2021-12-03 13:53
Sunglasses are composed of three different parts: frame, temples and lenses. The frame includes several elements such as nose pads, bridge of the nose and partial hinges. The temple includes the other half of the hinge, which is then fixed to the frame using screws, glue or heat. Each part is made separately and then assembled into a pair of finished products.

There are two different types of sunglasses manufacturing, OEM and ODM. OEM sunglasses manufacturers represent original equipment manufacturing. This means that the company will listen to your unique specifications and design requirements, and then manufacture glasses according to your needs. ODM sunglasses manufacturers, that is, original design manufacturing, will design sunglasses before manufacturing, and then make your sunglasses. After that, they will include your company's brand on the finished product, which will be provided to you for retail.

Learn about the differences between OEM and ODM sunglasses manufacturing to understand how to choose a sunglasses manufacturer for your business. When it comes to choosing a sunglasses manufacturer for your company, taking the time to choose the right manufacturer can be the difference between long-term success and failure. Each manufacturer has a unique style and history, so you must consider all aspects of their capabilities, customer service, and design methods before making the final choice. Let's take a look at all the different factors to consider when choosing a sunglasses manufacturer so that you can start your brand correctly.