How To Wear Sunglasses Correctly

Update:2021-08-04 16:08

  1. If ordinary people are not mountaineers or people with special needs, it is best not to wear sunglasses for a long time.

  2. Most people now wear sunglasses, in addition to the protective function, they also consider the role of decoration, but everyone should not forget their health for the sake of temporary beauty.

  3. Many people do not take off their sunglasses when entering from the outdoors. This is a bad habit. The intensity of the indoor light makes it unnecessary to wear sunglasses.

  Wearing inferior sunglasses for a long time hurts the eyes_female

  4. Sunglasses cannot be worn for a long time. If you feel a little tired of your eyes, or after 30 minutes of continuous wearing, it is best to take off your eyes and change the environment.

  5. People over 40 years old and people with glaucoma are not suitable for wearing sunglasses.

  6. ​​Healthy preschool children have not matured stereo vision, so they are not suitable for wearing sunglasses, especially the low-quality red sunglasses sold on the market nowadays, which are very harmful to children's eyes. The kids sports sunglasses of Baili Glasses Company do not harm children's eyes. At the same time, we also specialize in producing customized children's sunglasses. Welcome everyone to leave a message and consult.