Precautions When Buying Children's Sports Sunglasses

Update:2021-09-16 09:16
Can you wear the same sports goggles for all sports?
The most important factor to consider when buying kids sports sunglasses is that they are approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This is a non-profit organization that determines the standards of protection and ensures that the product will keep your children safe. Sports goggles can be used across the board for any sport. Whether your child plays football, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, or any other sport, they can use any pair of sports goggles as long as they are ANSI Standard approved and are made with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.
Can sports goggles be made with prescription lenses?
You can add your child’s prescription directly to the sports goggles frames! You can also add Transition Photochromatic adaptive lenses if your child plays an outdoor sport so that they can play their best with the most comfortable vision possible. You can also add an anti-fog treatment to the lenses. Some kids find that, with the goggles fitting so snugly on their face combined with how much they sweat, the goggles might fog up but there is a coating you can have added to the lenses to prevent fog messing up your kid’s game.
Why should my child wear swim goggles in the water?
The chemicals that are put in pools are very harsh on the eyes, wearing swim goggles will help protect their eyes. If your child is in the water very often for swim team or water polo practice, it is important that they wear swim goggles to prevent damage from irritation and infection.
Can swim goggles be made with prescription lenses?
Yes, they can! It is important to ask about the brand of swim goggles you are buying because some can only hold prescription lenses up to a certain power. Make sure you consult with an experienced optician that can get your child exactly what they need. Celebrate this Eye Safety Awareness month of September by going outside, being active, and having fun... But, of course, make sure your children are properly protected!