Sports glasses play a protective role for children's eyes when they are injured

Update:2022-09-02 00:00
Sports safety glasses are made from super-strong polycarbonate, an impact-resistant plastic that can withstand impacts without breaking. Polycarbonate glasses also protect the eyes from UV rays.
Even for children with 20/20 vision, protective eyewear is essential, but most protective eyewear can be customized to a child's prescription. Some children may prefer to wear regular glasses or contact lenses under safety goggles.
Eye injuries may include being hit in the eye, poking or jabbing, or being hit in the eye by a flying object. Despite these risks, eye protection is often an afterthought, even for athletes who wear gear to protect their heads, wrists, knees, and even their teeth.
While wearing sports safety glasses is to protect the eyes of children and adults, it can also help your child enjoy clearer vision. Plus, wearing protective eyewear allows them to focus on the game without worrying about getting injured, lost, or damaging their everyday frames or contact lenses.