The importance of blue light blocking glasses

Update:2022-01-14 15:37
Blue light blocking glasses work by reducing the amount of blue light that reaches the retinal cells at the back of the eye. Different types of blue light blocking glasses do this by having a blue light filter coating or special blue light blocking lenses designed to reduce or block the blue and green light spectrum between 400nm - 550nm.

Colors in the visible spectrum range from blue to red. Blue light is at the very edge of the spectrum, close to invisible ultraviolet light. Blue light is considered "high-energy visible light". It has a much shorter wavelength and hits our eyes at a higher frequency than colors that are closer to the red side of the spectrum.

When we expose ourselves to excess blue light produced by digital screens, our eyes are exposed to something unnatural and harmful. The current study is investigating whether prolonged exposure of our device to blue light can cause similar changes in the retina in age-related macular degeneration caused by blue light from the sun.

Blue light is known to cause eye strain, headaches and disruption of the body's sleep cycle. Blue light blocking glasses protect your eyes from blue light and all the symptoms that come with it.