The Kids Sunglasses Factory Asks You To Choose The Lens Color

Update:2021-07-21 14:42

  Sunglasses are fashionable glasses that all of us like. Choosing sunglasses can not only pursue styles and fashionable colors, but also pay attention to its protective function for eyes. So what color should I choose for sunglasses? Next, follow the professional kids sunglasses factory to understand this aspect.

  Various colors of sunglasses have their characteristics. Choose according to your own needs, let’s talk about the characteristics of various colors too

  One: Gray lens: belongs to the neutral color system, can be integrated into various spectrums, will not change the basic color spectrum, and show the real and natural feeling.

  Two: Brown lenses: filter out a lot of blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity, it is better to wear in severe air pollution or foggy days.

  Three: Green lens: Maximize the green light reaching the eyes, produce a cool and comfortable feeling, and relieve eye fatigue.

  Four: Blue-gray lens: The same as the gray lens is neutral, but the color is darker and the visible light absorption rate is higher.

  Five: Mercury lens: The lens surface adopts high-density mirror coating, which absorbs and reflects visible light more, which is suitable for outdoor sports people.

  Six: Yellow lens: It hardly reduces visible light, strictly speaking, it is not a sunglasses film, but it can improve the contrast and provide more accurate vision in fog and dusk, also known as night vision goggles. Some young people wear yellow lenses "sunglasses" as decoration.

  Seven: Light blue, light pink and other lenses: the same lenses are more decorative than practical.

  In addition, when buying sunglasses, you must first determine the purpose of selling sunglasses, and distinguish whether you want protective sunglasses or decorative sunglasses. Decorative sunglasses do not have UV protection and cannot withstand the sun's damage to the eyes.