The Role Of Blue Light Blocking Glasses Factory's Products

Update:2021-09-23 08:59
Do Blue Light Glasses Work?
Yes, blue light glasses do work well in being able to block the blue light that can disturb your circadian rhythm and possibly affect your eye health.
However, that will depend on which color lens of blue light blocking glasses factory's blue light glasses you wear and if the manufacturer has really blocked blue and green light in the 400nm to 550nm spectral wavelength range.
Computer glasses do not work at helping to improve sleep as they do not block the full melatonin disturbing range of blue light. They work better
Amber and red lens blue light glasses do work in helping improve the sleep quality when worn after sunset in the evening time.
How Do Different Blue Light Lens Colours Work?
Different color lenses for different types of blue light glasses
There are three main lens colors when it comes to blue light filter glasses, clear, yellow, and red.
All three of these lenses have different applications and should be worn at different times depending on your situation and current light environment.
Since blue light blocking glasses come in these different lens color options it's important to understand exactly what each pair of blue light glasses does in order to determine which are the best blue light blocking glasses for you.