What is Blu-ray?

Update:2022-03-25 17:08
People are beginning to worry about the health effects of blue light emitted by screens. For this reason, more and more people wear blue-light-blocking glasses. Manufacturers claim that blue-light-blocking glasses can filter out blue light and help reduce symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, and poor sleep.
Blue light is a short wavelength blue light trusted Source in the color spectrum visible to the human eye, and its wavelengths are in the blue part of the electromagnetic spectrum, roughly 400–500 nanometersTrusted Source. The researchers believe that peak photodamage occurs roughly at 440 nanometersTrusted Source. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and lighting devices all emit blue light.
UV rays can damage our eyes and skin, and blue light can interfere with healthy cellular function. But for now, it's not clear where the line is between wavelengths that damage skin and eye tissue and wavelengths that don't. Compared to the blue light we process in nature, the amount of blue light emitted from our devices is negligible, and we get 1,000 times more blue light from the sun than from our devices.